Edwin H. Lemare
9 September 1865 - 24 September 1934

Recordings by Edwin H. Lemare
  • The Art of Edwin H. Lemare: Historic Performances on cassette WPO 102.
    In 1913, at the height of his career, Lemare recorded 96 organ rolls for Welte and Sohne in Freiburg, Germany. The selections listed below were re-performed in 1973 on the Welte-Tripp organ in the Church of the Covenant, Boston. Reproduction on the Web is courtesy of Mr. Nelson Barden.

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    Saint-Saëns : Danse Macabre   (5:48)
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    Bach : Fugue, G Major (The Jig)   (2:43)

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    Lemare : Rondo Capriccio (A Study in Accents) (3:10)

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Books, Articles
  • Nelson Barden, "Edwin H. Lemare" (The American Organist Magazine)
    Part 1: Becoming the Best ( in Jan. 1986, Vol.20, No.1, pp. 58-66 )
    Part 2: Pittsburgh and Australia ( in Mar. 1986, Vol.20, No.3, pp. 50-55 )
    Part 3: The Midlands, Liverpool, Freiburg ( in June 1986, Vol.20, No.6, pp. 76-82 )
    Part 4: San Francisco, Portland, Chattanooga, Hollywood ( in Aug. 1986, Vol.20, No.8, pp. 44-53 )

    Portions previously appeared in the British Journal The Organ. The articles are also reprinted (without illustrations) in Series I of the Wayne Leupold Editions of Lemare's original compositions and transcriptions. (See below.)
  • Edwin H. Lemare, "Organs I Have Met" (Los Angeles: Schoolcraft, 1956) has been reprinted by The Organ Literature Foundation, 45 Norfolk Road, Braintree, MA 02184. Vox: 617-848-1388, Fax: 617-848-7655.
  • The Organ Music of Edwin H. Lemare, edited by Wayne Leupold.
    (Wayne Leupold Editions / E. C. Schirmer)
    Series I (Original Compositions): Volume I, II, III and IV
    Series II (Transcriptions): . . . . . .
  • Lemare and Austin Organs (Links are to be re-established.)
    1.The Lemare Connection, by Nelson Barden
    2. Portland City Hall, Austin Opus 323, by Frederick L. Mitchell
    3. The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, by David E. Wallace
    4. A note from Frederick Hohman

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